Welcome to Specialty Honing LLC

Precision honing specialists. Family owned and operated for 40 years.

Specializing in small diameter tubes, cylinder honing, blind holes, multiple holes in line, keyway slotted holes, ect.

Conditions corrected : Out of round, taper, bellmouth, barrel, bowed, diameter achieved, surface finish.

Measurment accuarcy to .000005 (5 millionths of an inch)

Our Services

Precision Honing

ID and OD honing. Diameters from .040" to 4.000" and lengths up to 40". Difficult materials such as, Carbide, Inconel, Hastelloy, Plated Materials

Conditions Corrected

Out of round, tapered conditions, bellmouth, barrel, bowed, diameter achieved, surface finish. Blind holes, Multiple holes in line, keyway slotted holes.

Gaging Capabilities

Due to our vast collection of gaging we are able to accurately measure down to .000005 of an inch. Tolerances to .000020".


We are a precision honing machine shop located in Carson City Nevada.

 As precision honing specialists, ID honing and lapping has been our family trade for three generations. In the 1960s, in addition to honing, we began building air gages, including master setting rings and air probes. This addition to our business gave us the ability to measure diameters with an accuracy of .000005 (5 millionths of an inch).


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.