About Us

We are a precision honing machine shop specializing in honing and lapping. Tolerances to .000020" and surface finish to 2 RMS. Capable of machining sizes from .040" to 4.000" and lengths to 40".

Our history

ID honing and lapping has been out family trade for three generations. In the 1960s, in addition to honing, we began building air gages, including master setting rings and probes. This addition to out business gave us a significant advantage over the competition in the honing industry, due to out ability to measure diameters with an accuracy of .000005.

That was over 50 years ago,. Since then, we split into two separate companies, but still work hand in hand. Tolerances have tightened up dramatically since the 1960s and we have used new technology and gaging to stay ahead of the times. With the latest model of Universals digital air gages, we can measure workpieces with an accuracy of .00005″ (5 millionths of an inch). This ability is invaluable when we have to hold tolerances of 30 millions on lap fit valves or other highly critical applications. Due to out extensive experience and years as a job shop, we have seen it all. Chances are, if we have not done your part in the past, we have done something like it. Over the years we have accumulated an extensive array of tooling capable of accommodating most sizes and applications, thus keeping tooling costs to a minimum.